GC Enrichment Robotics!

  Sixth graders from Kendrick Lakes Elementary School visited Gold Crown for a two-week workshop on robotics. They learned a lot and had a great time doing it! This Robotics workshop was designed to be an introduction to VEX robotics and robotic design, including basic engineering themes such as gear rations, torque versus speed. Students learned to…


. _ _ . ._ _ _ _ _ _ . !!!

We Won!!! The website Build In Progress recently issued a “Mystery Message Challenge” and we took it on with Morse code. We held a Girls Night After Hours and used beads to make bracelets that said messages in Morse Code. So, the girls had to plan out their messages, translate it to code, then string…


Who’s Got Game?

Video games can be a wonderful doorway to understanding coding and using it in constructive ways as this week long summer camp proved to its 15 participants. Most kids agree that video games are fun, which was a great jumping off place as we asked them the question of “what makes a game fun?” Most kids…

Take a Tour of the Clubhouse!

  Take a quick look inside the Clubhouse with this 90 second video!