Never Summer Field Trip

ns-logoThe Gold Crown Computer Clubhouse recently had the opportunity to visit the Never Summer headquarters & manufacturing facility here in Denver Colorado. Never Summer is a Colorado based snowboard and longboard company who’s been building high quality, durable boards and decks since 1983.

Our gracious host, gave our members a behind the scenes tour of their facilities and our members learned about the technology behind snowboard manufacturing. Special thanks goes to Vince Sanders (aka Dr. Porkenhiemer) and the crew at Never Summer for this awesome opportunity.




2015 Summer Camp Dates & Sessions





Entrepreneur’s ARTovation

Session 1: June 8th – 12th

Session 2: June 15th – 19th

Galen's Invention

Have you ever thought, “I’d like to see this invented,” or, “that would work better if. . .”   Well, we have the perfect camp for you!  Join us and come up with creative, innovative designs for a product.  Then use professional design and prototyping tools to create it! You’ll be inspired by success stories from visiting professional artists and entrepreneurs. Learn business and marketing basics as you prepare to launch your new product!

MAKE a Marvelous Marble Machine: Rube Goldberg Creations!

June 22nd – 26th

rube GIFLet’s get weird and creative while we engineer! Work independently and in a group to construct a Rube Goldberg style marble machine. The goal will be to move a marble from one end of an obstacle course to the other, but the methods or means by which that is accomplished will be left to your imagination and ingenuity. Sections can range from very low to very high tech: a catapult made from rubber bands and a clothes pin to an autonomous revolving door programmed and controlled by an Arduino Board. We’ll create a massive and intricate contraption with levers, switches, triggers and a whole lot of dominoes!

Coding with Arduino

July 7th – 10th


You know all those robots and automated drones out there? We’ll teach you the building blocks so you can someday make one yourself! Learn the basics of Arduino programming with Sparkfun’s new Digital Sandbox. The Digital Sandbox (DS) is a learning platform that engages both the software and hardware worlds. It’s powered by a micro controller that can interact with real-world inputs like light or temperature sensors while at the same time controlling LEDs, motors, and other outputs. During this workshop, participants will learn to code using Ardublock, which is an easy to use programming framework for Arduino.

Animation Adventures

July 27th – 30th

Have you ever wondered how they make the cartoons like Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants, Pokemon, or Phineas and Ferb? Find out in this hands-on summer camp where you’ll create an animated film! Collaborate with other kids and learn what it’s like to work for a professional animation studio. Gain confidence in your keyframing, in-betweening, filming, editing and audio skills and learn firsthand what it takes to make cartoons. This class is for ages 10 to 18 for any skill level, but if you like drawing, it will be a plus.  Learn the essential skills involved in making drawn animation and walk away with a film that you can show friends and family!


GC Enrichment Robotics!



Sixth graders from Kendrick Lakes Elementary School visited Gold Crown for a two-week workshop on robotics. They learned a lot and had a great time doing it!

This Robotics workshop was designed to be an introduction to VEX robotics and robotic design, including basic engineering themes such as gear rations, torque versus speed.

Students learned to write code to control an autonomous robot with the help of a variety of sensors. After building a square-bot, students will work in teams of three to compete in a

variety of challenges:

Robot Soccer: 3 on 3 robot soccer game with 2 balls and goals.

Autonomous Programming Challenge: Teams used Easy C programming language to program their robots to move autonomously.

Drag Race: Each team learned the basics of gear ratios and torque vs speed to build a drag racing robot that raced head to head against other bots.





. _ _ . ._ _ _ _ _ _ . !!!

We Won!!!

The website Build In Progress recently issued a “Mystery Message Challenge” and we took it on with Morse code.

We held a Girls Night After Hours and used beads to make bracelets that said messages in Morse Code. So, the girls had to plan out their messages, translate it to code, then string the beads with the correct spaces, dots and dashes.

This is such a great way to keep a message with you all day or pass it on to someone in secret. We had a great time and ended up with some very pretty and (secretly) practical jewelry.

Then, we submitted our project to Build In Progress and won the challenge!

We want to thank Robin and Jessica from The Integer Group for their generosity of time and talent!!

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