Daytime Enrichment

We have forged a unique partnership with Jefferson County Schools to provide students with art and technology programming during their school day.  Students are transported daily by school bus to the Gold Crown Field House for four week workshops.  In this off-site setting, students are introduced to high tech tools and encouraged to pursue projects that reflect their individual interests. Our culture is diverse and welcoming.  Our program serves youth who often struggle in a traditional school setting as well as gifted students.  Whether working alone or collaboratively, youth learn to take a project from early concept to final product and develop the ability to express the steps they have taken to achieve their desired results. In the process they become inspired about learning and about their own future.  Young people who might have become apathetic about school find a sense of purpose and become re-engaged in their own education and future goals. Our focus is not solely based on aptitude but on a willingness to try. We value the learning that failure provides and urge our students to focus on the process rather than the product.