Get Involved : Become a Mentor @ the Gold Crown Clubhouse




Join a unique community of young people and adults who create, invent, and explore together using the latest technology. Clubhouse Mentors vary in age, background, interests, and skills.
 What do mentors do?
• Help youth express themselves through
• Focus on developing relationships based
on respect and trust
• Lead, but also learn, as it’s empowering
for young people to teach others
  VARIOUS roles that mentors play
• Work with Members on specific projects
or activities
• Contribute to the Clubhouse-to-College
Clubhouse-to-Career (C2C) Program
• Provide workshops
• Foster (and participate in!) a global
learning environment through The
Clubhouse Network
• Develop themes for group projects and
create new project ideas
• Help with administrative/technical tasks


Get Involved

Become a mentor at the Gold Crown Clubhouse!